"Garmor Corporation is one of the largest glove manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan. It’s an output of years’ long effort, commitment and dedication. Our factories have been manufacturing and supplying gloves for the last four decades. We are proud of being the supply chain partners of US large brands and retailers to satisfy their gloves' needs. Our product line includes a full range of working gloves including RIG Gloves, Impact Gloves, Mechanic Gloves, Tactical Gloves, Military Gloves, and Winter Gloves, etc. These items are manufactured by qualified and trained technicians relying on the technology and machines imported from abroad. Our well-equipped production house is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. We have our own production, tannery and packing departments which help to maintain the quality and fast delivery.

The mastery of craftsmanship is reflected in our high-quality gloves. Because we create an everlasting relationship with the customers as they are of prime importance, our priority is to satisfy the customers and international quality standards. We meet our customers where they are instead of where we want them to be!
We are supplying in the Middle East and Europe especially the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden and Japan for high-quality glove products. You are the reason for our existence, we are the reason for your safety! Holding a strong background and greater experience, we offer guaranteed satisfaction to our customers.

We are serving mankind as our gloves are used in laboratories and industries for protection against hazardous acids and chemicals etc. The experience of more than four decades distinguishes and makes us the trusted and leading supplier among pioneer industries. We have our specialized and experienced management team to control the day-to-day activities and to keep on focusing on emerging quality. So, embrace us, and let us serve you.

Garmor Corporation is quite remarkable and well renowned for producing the finest quality padded and sturdy gloves that protect knuckles and hand area. No matter what kind of gloves you are seeking, from high-fashion winter gloves to boxing or impact gloves, the key is to find the best one at the best price. So, find them here and feel free to contact us.

We'll be happy in providing samples and quotes on hearing about your specific requirements as well as we also manufacture high-quality gloves of your desired patterns and designs."

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